9 Banana Bread Recipes to Vary the Pleasures

The basic ingredients for almost all banana breads are pretty much the same from recipe to recipe: flour, leavening (baking powder, baking soda, or yeast), water (or other liquid), salt, banana pulp and sometimes fat or other ingredients for added flavor.
Here’s a collection of great recipes links to inspire your journey through the ultimate banana bread quest!

 Banana bread recipes

nutella banana bread recipe image

Here's another surprising twist on banana bread. This one is dedicated to every child that we have in our heart... Discover the recipe here: Nutella banana bread

easy banana bread recipe image

Roasted walnuts for this moist-looking banana bread!
Get the recipe here: A wedding anniversary and banana bread recipe

lemon banana bread image

This banana bread added with lemon zest has something very catchy... maybe because of this lovely bundt cake shape? Get the recipe here:Lemony olive oil banana bread

easy banana bread image

An easy banana bread that will make you jump right out of bed ready to start your day with a slice, or two, or three...
Get the recipe: Yogurt banana Bread

how to make a pistachio banana bread image

This is very surprising to find pistachios in this recipe, along with sunflower seeds! The result worth the try...
Discover the recipe here: Banana, sunflower and pistachio bread

chocolate chips banana bread recipe image

Unlike a traditional "breakfast" banana bread, this monster begs to be treated like a full-on dessert!
Get the recipe here: Double chocolate chip banana bread

easy vegan banana bread recipe image

This banana bread recipe avoids the use of any dairy products. But great taste has not been forgot!
Get the recipe: Vegan banana bread

easy banana bread recipe at home image

Here's our own take on banana bread! We just aimed at something incredibly nutty and moist... just give it a try and tell us what you think!
Get the recipe here: Banana bread with walnuts

simple banana bread recipe image

Here is a toothsome banana bread! Chewy, moist and tasty as it should be, accompanied with chocolate chips.
Get the recipe here: Banana bread with chocolate chips

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 Banana bread recipes List

Making the best banana bread is quite a balancing act: you need a fair amount of fat to keep it moist and obtain a light crumb; substance is given by a little whole wheat flour.The result should be sweet, but not too much.

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