Help! What Wine to Drink with Duck Breast?

what to drink with duck breastQuestion: “I love grilling duck breasts, but I planned to make a dinner for my parents in law and I would like to make it a bit more elegant. Problem is I don’t know what wine to pair with the duck breasts. Can somebody help me out?”
Sent by Patrick

Editor: Duck breast is tender and flavorful, it calls for a wine that is light bodied and lightly fruity. A Pinot Noir would be the natural pairing with it’s soft tanins and hints of florals, but a Red Burgundy or a California Pinot would also fit perfectly. If you want something fancier, try a Pinot Noir based sparkling wine like a Ferrari Rosé Brut, it’s a bit pricey — about $35 — but it worth it!

Readers, don’t you have any more suggestions?

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