How to Substitute Cream in your Kitchen?

how to prepare food without cream — learn to cook without sour cream

Sour cream has become indispensable for making sweet and savory dishes. Fortunately, it is possible to substitute it with other preparations such as oat milk or soy milk. You can also make your own vegetable based cream tasting almond or cashew nuts. Ready for use products as stirred yogurt, coconut milk or evaporated milk just may do the trick.

So, here are some trick to learn to cook without cream.

1. Learn home-made preparation to replace the cream

For those who like to cook, it is advisable to substitute the cream in-house preparations. By using the many ingredients available in the kitchen, it is possible to have a creamy preparation to accompany your delicious dishes.

2. How to make a custard

To prepare the custard, you must have the following ingredients:

  • 3/4 cup (150 ml) skim milk
  • (2) egg yolk
  • salt
  • pepper.

You start by mixing milk and egg yolks in a bowl. Then beat the mixture to mix well, season with salt and pepper. Then, focus on low heat while stirring to make the cream thickens. It is recommended to remove from heat once you get the desired consistency to prevent the formation of quail. It should be used to accompany hot dishes.

3. Learn to cook with vegetable cream

For vegetarians, vegetable cream can be a substitute. The essential ingredients are:

  • 1 3/4 tablespoons (25 cl) oat milk or rice milk
  • 4 tablespoons Almond paste
  • 2 tablespoons Oil
  • Salt (a pinch).

Pour all ingredients into a mini chopper, run the machine for a few seconds until the mixture becomes homogeneous. When the mixture emulsifies, you must stop the mini chopper. This gives a smooth, thick vegetable cream to accompany many dishes.

4. Other tips to replace the cream

For those who do not have time to prepare their own creams, there are many products that can be used in place of cream. Generally, these products are available in the kitchen. Their use requires no preparation for it is enough to use as is.

5. Products ready for use

In order to vary the taste of the dish, it is advisable to substitute the cream with a product ready for use. These products are easy to find in supermarkets or grocery stores in the neighborhood. Purees of oilseeds, vegetable creams and some dairy products may do the trick. These ingredients can be substituted for the cream:

  • the almond puree,
  • mashed sesame
  • cream of cashew nuts,
  • Cream of oats,
  • oat milk (let sit a bottle of oat milk, remove the liquid from the top and get the rest down),
  • the almond cream,
  • cottage cheese.

6. Other products

The use of the cream will determine the success of a dish or recipe. The use of some less common products such as mascarpone or ricotta can prepare good food. For those looking for an exotic taste, it is even possible to use coconut milk is recommended for tropical taste and lightness.

Milk supplemented with cornstarch or flour to make it thicker can also Substitute the cream. To produce a quiche, if you do not have cream at home, one can very well replace it with the stirred yogurt. Also Read: Easy Creme Brulee Recipe

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