The Various Appelations of French Sauvignon Blanc Wine

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Learn to recognize the various Sauvignon french labelled wines

Sauvignon Blanc is also known by many names which include soft white, white smoke, white soft, feigentraube, Libourne, sauvignon jaune, punechon, sarvonien, rouchelin, Sauternes, and savagnou Surin. The different products are wonderful accompaniments to taste a variety of dishes. Among the best wines produced with this grape are four white wines:

Les Jamelles 2009

Offered in a pale yellow bottle, “The Sauvignon Blanc Jamelles” odor emanates fruity, floral and plant. There are also touches of green tomato, lemon and passion fruit. In terms of taste, the feeling was strong and fresh citrus in the mouth with a moderate finish and rich. This white wine can be enjoyed either as an aperitif or with seafood, salads, oysters and scallops Saint Jacques and must be served at a temperature of 8 to 10 ° C.

Le Clos Blanc 2009

Light and bright, the “Clos Roussely Touraine Blanc” shows a pale golden color. Precise, pleasant and clean, the flavor on the nose brings aromas of plum, white flowers, boxwood and exotic fruits. Accompanied by an aromatic touch of pineapple, peach and white flowers, mouth feels more freshness and good maturity with a long finish and fresh. This white wine can be served at 12 ° C as an aperitif or with grilled red mullet and seafood.

La Raie 2009

Smelling white flowers, the “Reuilly, Claude Lafond, La Raie” is very spring. This white wine can be enjoyed chilled as an aperitif and goes well with oysters, broiled flounder and Chavignol cheese. It is best consumed within three years.

Le Sauvignon Blanc 2007

With green reflections, the “Premières Côtes de Blaye, Chateau Berthenon, Sauvignon 2007” shines in a glass with a persistent aroma, especially pear and peach with a hint of mint. This white wine is to drink, preferably within three years, as an aperitif or with Jacques scallops, a grilled sea bass and oysters.

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