10 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Start

[portfolio_slideshow]Do you often feel like exhausted and uninspired when you step into your kitchen after the big holiday rumble? Like every year after surviving the holiday season tornado, it’s time to clean, organize, and think freshly about our kitchen. Here’s ten tips to get a fresh start in your kitchen for the new year.

1. Make Your Kitchen Sink Perfectly Clean

When you want to clean up your kitchen, your first step should be to begin with the sink. It’s kind of a psychological advantage: once its cleaned you feel empowered to finish the room. Whatever the material of your sink, there are some good Grandma tricks to make it shine like it’s brand new. How to Make Your Kitchen Sink Cleaner

2. Optimize the space you have under your kitchen sink

The cabinet right under our kitchen sink is often the worst kitchen problem. All our dirty little secrets and broken cooking gadgets tend to pile up in this place. A smart combination of storage and organization products will usually do the trick and clear the clutter. Get Organized: 6 Under The Sink Supplies

3. Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

To save time during your cooking session, your tools and utensils should be at the right place and easily reachable. It is often sufficient to organize and get rid of useless stuff! 5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

4. Invest in useful organizing tools

Manufacturers make it easier to keep stuff in order and create more space available for most important things. 10 Handy Kitchen Organizing Tools

5. Decorate above your kitchen cabinets

Create a new visual appeal in you kitchen by using the empty space between your cabinets and the ceiling. This offers a shelf-like space that you can use to add personality to your kitchen. 9 Creative Ways to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

6. Add a touch of greenery

Growing your herbs indoor is a very playful task and it brings life into your kitchen. It is — of course — a wonderful way to get fresh herbs all year long! Imagine flavoring your roasts with sage, rosemary and thyme, and your salads with fresh chives and basil. 10 Practical and Elegant Kitchen Herb Planters

7. Add a splash of color

Make your kitchen more eye catching and shake things up a bit! Use a wall as a color accent to perk up the look of your kitchen. This works especially well in small rooms. 10 Easy Ways to Add Color to a Small Space

8. Involve you kids for meal preparations

Learning to cook encourages involvement, assistance, and self confidence. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids started to make their first cooking steps on your side and make their hands dirty in the kitchen? Plan few cooking sessions during the week, maybe to prepare school lunch boxes? Kids Can Cook Too! Kitchen Helper Stools

9. Get new storage jars

When I reorganize my pantry, storage jars, tins and containers are always lacking whatever the dozen of box sets I bought the year before. Is it the same for you? I try to take this with philosophy and carry on browsing on the Internet for some cool, cheap finds. Kitchen Organization: Elegant Food Storage Jars

10. Create a small breakfast nook

If you have space available, the feeling of intimacy and the casual ambience makes this design such a lovely addition to your kitchen. There’s just something so endearing about the thought of having a cup of coffee in the morning, in a quiet area tucked away from the hustle and noise of the outside… 4 Simple Decor Tricks for a Comfortable and Efficient Breakfast Nook

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