3 Tricks to Enhance your Savory Dishes with Citrus

cooking with citrus

Orange, lemon or grapefruit, citrus bring sun in our desserts, but not only: They can also awaken our taste buds in savory recipes. All it requires is a bit of a fantasy twist!
It is very easy to integrate some blood orange supremes, lemon or kumquat to provide a sweet relief of classic dishes. Other mostly overlooked citrus like finger lime or kaffir lime allow to flavor fish and meat in a wonderful way.

1. With meat and poultry

The most classic recipe for the best meat / citrus combo is certainly the french duck a l’orange. It combines the tangy flavor of orange with duck whose flesh naturally blends with fruits (apples, berries). To make the sauce, just make julienne with zest (finely shredded bark) of an orange and add the juice.
Other meats accommodate very well with citrus including veal, with a hint of honey.
For poultry, chicken or guinea fowl with lemon: you make a marinade that will flavor this white meat. Be careful when cooking because the pieces of marinated chicken can brown very quickly.

2. With fish and seafood

Fish likes citrus fruits. To  flavor fish, just sprinkle the fillets with citrus juice directly into the pan during cooking. Simple, good and low in calories.
Another tip, for your fish in foil: Include some citrus wedges along with your salmon steak, fold in an aluminium sheet and you’re set.
Citrus fruits go well with seafood, mainly Saint-Jacques or langoustines.

3. With Salad

Depending on the chosen citrus fruit, your salads can offer acidic or exotic accents. Try making a vinaigrette using citrus juice instead of vinegar for instance.
A simple clementine juice or grapefruit and your salad will take on another dimension.

Last tips: don’ abuse of citrus as they can alter th etste of other ingredients. Use untreated fruit, especially when you use the zest.

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