How to Decorate a Table Centerpiece with Flowers

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Acenterpiece with flowers is probably one of the prettiest decorations, whether for a simple meal, an appetitive party, a wedding, or Christmas.  There are many ways to proceed.  In addition, you can read this post about finding a theme for your party. You can also check How to make a pretty table decoration for inspiration.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers can be installed in the center of the table and arranged in a basket or vase.

To set the flowers in place, we can put them into a special foam.  This foam is sold by florists and hobby stores.  If the stem is rigid, we can form a dried flower mix with a bit of raffia for example, which encloses the stems.  To give more life to your dried flowers, you can change their color by painting them with a spray-can.  Why not gold or silver for a more festive atmosphere?

Fresh flowers

For wedding photos or wedding table decoration, this option is the most popular.

You can present them in vases, preferably matched.  You will have the vessels along the tables and the buffet.  Try to mix the heights of your compositions: High vases versus small buckets.  This adds dynamism and a sense of structure to your table.  Also be careful that the table centerpiece doesn’t obscure the view of people sitting on each side.

Otherwise the flowers can be stuck into foam, this time specifically so fresh flowers can be presented in baskets or bowls.  For a wedding occasion, it is best to use similar flowers for those making the bridal bouquet.

Artificial flowers

We can make a bunch of tables with artificial flowers; simply choose the container.  Again, it may be a basket, or a vase, but nothing prevents us from being original by choosing coffee mugs or cups made of wood.  Again, use foam for artificial flowers, cut the size of the container, and string them tight enough so that the foam is not visible.  We will choose this option for centerpieces of a permanent nature; on restaurant tables for example.


You can also choose or make yourself a flower arrangement made of multiple plants.  They will be presented in a basket or pot.  Think of many different colors and different heights to create harmony.  Plan to put a plastic film at the bottom of the basket so that when watering, water remains in the ground without flowing into the basket.  And so there is no overflow, remember to water often, but in very small quantities.

You can embellish your plants with accessories like little Christmas ornaments or handcrafts to create a more festive set.

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