Understanding the Principles of Sustainable Ecotourism

Eco Tourism - Sustainable Ecotourism - Ecotourism Definition - Sustainable Tourism

The concept of eco-tourism is for all lovers of nature and environment and allows to combine the pleasures of travel while preserving traditions, cultures and ecosystems.

Ecological tourism is a concept that tends to develop in recent years. Known as eco-tourism or green tourism, this concept is a new type of vacations to educate and empower travelers on the various problems of the natural environment but also cultural issues. Eco-tourism will help to protect places, cultures and traditions. Its forms can vary from forest trips to gastronomic tours!

Respect nature and the environment

Tourism is not without consequences for the nature and environment. For example, the development of hotels on heavenly places involved in the deterioration of sandy beaches. Yet, this modernization is essential for the proper functioning of the tourism market. The concept of ecotourism is going to help regulate the negative effects of modernization and development of tourism through the tourist by himself. From this perspective, the tourist will help save the planet by restoring and maintaining it. All shares of beneficial travelers to save and preserve nature and the environment are welcome.

Respect the traditions and culture of a country

Respect for the culture of a country and its traditions is part of the design of ecological tourism. Starting ecotourism trip, the traveler will adapt to the lifestyles of the inhabitants of the country. It is a journey based on the exchange and respect. By entering this concept of travel, tourism agrees to comply with rules of conduct and adapt to the country. Think you’re not the only tourist. The customer is not king. According to the theme you choose for your trip: Operation Desert, Forest operation, Gastronomic Tour for example… you must commit to live and respect the places. The concept of ecological tourism is a great way of learning. In short, one word: respect and learn to live in society.

Photo by Jos Dielis – Dordogne River in France

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