Top 6 Things You Can Do to Beat Bad Snacking Habits

 How can i stop snacking - Stop Snacking Tips - Stop snacking - How to stop snackingDo you wonder how to stop snacking? Are you a victim of gluttony? Once you have anxiety, frustration, or anything that irritates you, do you start snacking right away? Do you snack because you’re bored or emotionally tired after a hard day?

Here are some tips to fight these compulsive snacking habits that maintain bulges and cellulite.

1.  Have a drink instead of a snack

Drink a full glass of water, sparkling water or diet soda, coffee or tea. We’ve lost the habit of being attentive to signals from our body: we can confuse hunger and thirst. Have the test, you will be amazed! A full glass of water can be very satisfying and is a good way to stop snacking at a critical moment.

2. Stop snacking by training yourself to think in a rational way

Count to 20 by asking: “Is it really a good thing to go into this bakery and devour this almond croissant while I’m having dinner in less than an hour? ”. By trying to replace our emotional thinking by rational thinking, we can help to stop snacking between meals.

3. Avoid snacking by doing something else

Your stomach cries so shut it up by doing something else that forces you to concentrate. Listen to your favorite music — and try to sing, call your friends, take a walk, go out, knit, read a book. In short, stay away from the fridge!

4. Stop Snacking by having relaxation times

It may be time to stop this vicious “I’m upset so I snack” cycle. Have you thought about trying yoga? Relaxation therapy? Accupuncture? These are examples of techniques to learn to manage stress and feel better every day. By doing so you’ll be able to relieve the need for snack food when you argue with your spouse, when your children are behaving badly or when your mother made a critical remark for the tenth time…

5. Scratch snack foods from your shopping list

Remove all the food you buy and snack out of habit from your shopping list. We eat mostly what we have at hand. If these unhealthy snack foods are dear to your heart, buy them in small quantities and high quality, you’ll feel more pleasure by eating them. Also think about the money you’ll save from buying snack food.

6. Replace snack food with healthy food

If you feel irritable or in pain and you must eat something consider the following tips. In this case, you must organize your “snacking instincts“. Often these snacks are quick and easy comfort foods to eat and prepare. We must therefore circumvent the snacking enemy.

Do you like salty foods? Then go for radishes, pickles, surimi, cherry tomatoes, small raw carrots, raw cauliflower, cucumber. It’s not as tasty as snacking on a packet of peanuts in the evening, but your belly will remember this.

You are more of a sweets fan? Make a fruit basket available anytime. It’s a bit higher in calories than vegetables, but it is full of fiber, vitamins and it’s fresh. To snack on an apple is a very competitive way to stop eating junk foods.  And then there are the good old 0% fat yoghurts… but don’t eat more than one!

If these snacking habits are very difficult to break you should consult your doctor as it can be related to deeper triggers and can results in worse snacking scenarios.

Please share your tips and tricks to avoid snacking when you feel stressed, depressed or tired!

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