Night Snacking – 5 Tips to Deal With Late Night Urge To Snack

5 Tips to Deal With Late Night Urge To Snack - Evening Snacks - Late Night Snack

Had a hungry day? In the evening, glad the day is over, we go towards fridge to relax. After lunch, we settle in front of TV and quickly find ourselves on the move, shuttling between sofa, kitchen cabinets and fridge: the infernal triangle. We feel that our stomach screams “starvation” and yet often it is pure greed!

So how not to succumb and stay quietly on the sofa? What are the tricks to lose weight without feeling frustrated?

Here are 5 practical tips and tricks to avoid temptation…

1. Stay away from temptation: empty your cabinets

When you’re greedy, it’s a challenge to have a full cupboards without being able to touch it.
Sweets and other snacks treat us in the eye and the result is that we mistreat our silhouette. So one solution: to resist the temptation, you do not submit to them!

2. Keep your dessert for later

It happened to us at least once… You know this famous craving that occurs in the middle of the evening movie!
To address this problem and if we cannot help snacking in the evening, we can limit the damage: we don’t eat the dessert right at the end of dinner, but we rather keep it for the evening.

3. Take care of yourself

Once home, we often wonder this reflex to eat a little something. So often when one falls on the fridge, it’s more of the day to decompress a real hunger.
And if before going directly from work, we went for a walk? And what way home, we took care other than eating?

4. Do not starve!

There is no point of starving, you must eat to the point of satisfaction!
If we pay attention not to succumb all day long, it is likely to happen in the evening… The result of frustration. This sudden hunger can also be the result of a day when we have not eaten that much. So plan a lunch consisting of light recipes with pasta, which do not necessarily grow our carbohydrates intake in general.

5. Eat when hungry

To be focused on the lunch hour does not help, because if you feel hungry before, you’ll certainly attack your fridge for a little snack. Consequently you will not have a normal dinner, and you will feel hungry again in the evening. So why not just eat when hungry? You do not have to wait until 8pm for dinner.
Whatever is an effective method to avoid snacking until lunch time.
And if you have children, just take the opportunity to eat at the same time and keep the dessert for later in the evening, this borrows from the tip number 2.

What are your “avoiding strategies” for keeping yourself away from the fridge at forbidden hours?

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