6 Tips to Create a Pop Art Decor for your Kitchen

pop art kitchen decor pictureIf you want to infuse a slight dose of humor and set up a good mood for your kitchen, add a touch of pop, relying on its bright colors! One motto: bring splashes of color. Using furniture, walls or just  colorful accessories, here’s how to create a pop art kitchen decor.

1. Paint a wall with a bold color

Without changing your kitchen cabinets, you can change the look of the entire room! To do this, just paint one wall with a bright color that will bring dynamism! If your kitchen cabinets are painted in gray, look for orange for a striking contrast.

2. Juxtapose colors

Choose two bright colors and mix them as you wish in the kitchen! Paint one wall of each color and complete with accessories with the same color tone: Choose two bright colors and mix them as you wish in the kitchen! Paint one wall of each color and complete with

3. Create an engaging mood
Pop style is also an attitude! In the kitchen, install a side table for meals in a friendly manner. Choose a high table with colorful stools. Why not choose cabinet doors of different colors? Big comic-style framed posters also make a big statement, especially where they are not so expected.

4. Add touches of color

So you understand that a pop art decor is primarily based on a colorful style! Then choose some colored doors, tangy backsplash and choose red, green or yellow chairs. If you have any doubts, stick to any of the 3 primary colors.

5. Don’t be afraid to play with flashy colors

More than in the living room where you want a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere, don’t hesitate to play with flashy colors because the kitchen is a room where you can afford a few fantasies easily.

Photo source: Jonathan Fong

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