7 Amazing Ways to Organize and Green your Kitchen Simultaneously

It’s the new year, and that means one thing: It’s time for organization lists and tips! While tidying, streamlining and simplifying might be on the top of your list of resolutions, bringing a bit of plant life is a good way you can liven up your kitchen. So here’s a round-up of 7 post where indoor gardening meets kitchen organization!

1st row:
1. Herb Planters: How to Put More Green in Your Kitchen
2. Indoor Gardening: Practical and Elegant Kitchen Herb Planters
3. Green My Kitchen: 10 Must Have Eco Friendly Kitchen Gadgets
4. 5 Container and Herb Garden Ideas for Small Spaces
5. Saving Space: 8 Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

2nd row:
6. 3 Essential Keys for Growing Your Aromatic Herbs Indoor
7. My Kitchen Herb Garden: The Best Gardener’s Checklist

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