How to Roast a Lamb Rack


To roast a rack of lamb and get the “gravy” that results, is not inherently difficult to achieve, yet you must follow some exact procedures  to ensure the success of this cooking technique. Here, we are ready for a little cooking course just as we like it!

The expected result of a roasted rack of lamb is:

A piece of meat cooked with a pink heart, with a uniform brown color on the flesh’s side and that is properly seasoned.

The gravy it is quite liquid and tasty, within its surface, (and unlike other sauces), it has a thin layer of fat because fat is the vector of taste.

How to Roast a Rack of Lamb

learn to cook lamb rack step by step - lamb rack cooking lesson

Ingredients list: roast a Rack of Lamb

  • 1 rack of lamb
  •  A little olive oil or peanut oil
  •  1 bouquet garni (parsley stalks, a sprig of thyme and a small bay leaf)
  •  1 clove garlic

Bone and dress the lamb.

1. Slide the knife between each vertebra to separate.
2. Cut off all the meat trimmings into small pieces.
Preheat your oven to 390°F (200°c).


The smaller the trimmings and bones are cut, the tastier the gravy will be.
In the same spirit: the less trimmings you have, the smaller you have to cut them.

Brown the rack of lamb

3. Brown the lamb rack with a little oil on all “possible” sides, (browning is coloring of the meat over medium to high heat)
Book the lamb rack.


Select a cooking vessel that can go both on the stove and into the oven (chef pan, roasting pan, sauté pan or rondeau)

4. Brown the bones and trimmings
Drain in a colander or Chinese and degrease


Here I remove the excess fat that has been heated too high because it can cause a bad taste to the whole cooking process.

Roast the lamb rack

5. Protect the top of the rib bones with foil.
Return the browned bones and trimmings int0 the cooking pot.
Lay the lamb rack on the bones and trimmings.
Bake the rack of lamb, roast at 390°F (200°c)  for 10 minutes,and then reduce heat to 3600F (180°c) and roast for 10 minutes.

Make the gravy:

Make a bouquet garni as shown here.

6. Crush the garlic clove with the flat of a knife.Ensure the cooking of the lamb rack.
Then put it on a rack to prevent it from sitting in the juice it will continue to reject, cover with foil and let stand over the stove or next to the opened oven door.
Squeeze the juice over medium heat, i.e. to let any attached or suspended particles go to the bottom of the pan.
Degrease (remove excess fat).

7. Add a bit of cold water and deglaze the juices off, stirring vigorously and using a spatula.


The resting of a piece of roasted meat is important because it allows the meat to relax and be more tender. For small parts the resting time should be equivalent to the cooking. If not, count at least 20 minutes: which is the time needed to make the gravy sauce!

8. Add cold water to cover, bring to a boil and simmer for about twenty minutes.
Pass the gravy through a thin chinois strainer.


The juice should be brown with a light layer of fat on its surface.
Serve the gravy in a gravy boat
Remove the strings of the lamb rack.

Cut the lamb rack into smaller racks of two or three ribs to draw to the plate or leave it as whole to prepare the dish. Here you are with this lamb rack roasting technique!

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