Kitchen storage: 10 Cool Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

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When it comes to kitchen organization, the pantry is an important location to turn your focus. How to organize canned goods, dry ingredients, and perishable goods are important areas to consider. Depending on the space available, edible goods may have to share the shelving space with small appliances or dinnerware; which is not always the best solution as the items tend to end up in a jumbled mess limiting your ability to quickly locate the item you need.  A pantry is often designed like a dressing room, with shelvings from ceiling to the floor to optimize the available space to its maximum potential.

Even if you lack adequate space, you can always invent a pantry organization system that will work for you ; enabling you to have complete organization. Whether you are using open shelving or door organizers, your pantry cabinet should be integrated in your current interior architecture ; because, it will create a better sense of harmony throughout your living space. Instead of having a simple shelf sitting against the wall think of unique ways to blend the shelf into your interior design. Think of paint colors you could use and wood moldings to better delineate your cabinets.

Let’s get better insights through these 10 Kitchen Pantry Design ideas by contemporary designers!

Two-Tone Walk-in Pantry via www.transformhome.com

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Source: www.murphycodesign.com

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