8 Great Kitchen Essentials

by Christina Cherrier – Updated Feb 17, 2015
8 Great Kitchen Essentials
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If you are anything like us, spending a good chunk of time in the kitchen each week preparing lunches, snacks or dinner, you’d better keep a handful of sturdy, stylish tools at the ready. A set of good quality and well designed utensils allows to save time and be more efficient in the kitchen. Here’s a selection of of favorite kitchen essential, for an easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable cooking experience.

1. A set of absorbent towels

absorbent towelsA set of few good quality, durable, absorbent kitchen towels are an absolute must for drying dishes quickly or cleaning up spills. You don’t have to necessary opt for plain white, but rather a few stripes of colors will help them stand a little messiness.
Cotton White Kitchen Towels, available at Amazon.

2. A cozy apron

linen apronYou best friend in the kitchen for sure, but also in front of the barbecue. Protect your clothes from inevitable stains and spray by throwing on a full-length apron before you start cooking  A simple design with a front pocket is handy and can easily be tossed in the washing machine.
Flemish Linen “Amherst” Apron, available at Amazon

3. A sturdy cutting board

wooden chopping boardWe recommend investing in a wooden, sturdy medium-sized chopping board with a handle. Stability is the key when you cut a lot of veggies or carve a turkey, make sure your board is perfectly flat, or stick small plastic pads. When you’re not slicing and dicing, it can double as a cheese board or a serving board.
Walnut Cutting Board with Handle, available at Food52’s Provisions.

4. A set of measuring cups

ceramic measuring cup setA good measure is everything, especially in baking. To make sure your proportions of ingredients are accurate, invest in a set of nesting measuring cups or spoons. This will save you valuable time and hassle when mixing cake batters or sauces.
Ceramic Measuring Cup, by Sur la Table, available at Amazon.

5. Refined serving utensils

wooden teak server setA sleek, simple set of wooden serving utensils is always from the best effect on the table. Two Tone Teak Server Set, available at Amazon.

6. A bento lunch bag

bento lunch bagLightweight but super sturdy, it will hold your produces at the farmer’s market and bravely bring your lunch to the office. Choose raw linen or cotton bento bags for their sturdiness and durability.
My Neighbor Totoro Lunch Purse Cotton Bag, by Studio Ghibli, available at Amazon.

7. A stylish fruit basket

modern fruit basketDisplay fresh fruits in your kitchen or dining room to add a great pop of color to your interior. Choose wire baskets for a rustic look or stainless steel and bamboo for a modern style.
Ceramic fruit basket, available at LEIF.

8. Lidded Glass Jars Set

glass jars with lidsKeep your spices, grains, pastas, and other dried pantry staples in lidded glass jars. They are pretty and keep your food much fresher than any box or bag ever could. You can also keep liquids or smoothies for a few days in the fridge!
20 Piece Glass Beverage Set with Lids, by Luminarc, available at Amazon.

(Headline photo: Ikea)

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