Help! How Can I Make Yoghurt Without A Yogurt Maker?

image about how to make yogurt without any yogurt makerAs Christie asked us few days ago, we’ll make some points about the possibilities to make homemade yogurt without having any yogurt maker at disposal.

Since the fermenting process of making yogurt requires a very constant temperature (more infos about how to make yogurt here), it is quite possible to make our own yogurt without a yogurt maker. Among the various possibilities, there only 2 that stand over the crowd: the pressure cooker or oven.

1. Start with the preparation of the yogurt

Bring a quart of whole milk to a boil and then let it chill to a temperature between 100°f and 115°f (37°c and 45°c).
Add a yogurt as a fermenting starter. Use an yogurt whose limit date is far, ferments will be more active. Then add powdered milk: between 1 tablespoon and the volume of a yogurt jar.
The more you put powdered milk, the firmer the yogurt will be.
Divide the mixture into the jars.

2. Heating methods


Prepare a water bath by filling 1/3 of a dish with water. Preheat your oven to 115°f (45°c). When it is hot, put your filled jars in the dish and leave overnight at this temperature. It takes a period of 4 to 8 hours depending on the ferment you chose and the amount of milk powder you used.

In the pressure cooker:

Heat a little water in the pressure cooker so that the pots are well immersed (almost to the edge). When the temperature reaches 115°f (45°c), place your yogurt, close with the lid, and let catch all night long, preferably in a warm room or near a radiator.

Keep your yogurts in the fridge and eat them quickly!

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