Help! How Can I Make Successful Puff Pastry?

how to make succesful puff pastryQuestion: “Every time I try to get my hands dirty and make my own puff pastry sheets for appetizers or tarts, I end up with a buttery soup… So how can I make a successful puff pastry without hassle?”
Sent by Heather.

Editor: Working puff pastry needs a lots of manipulation with hands, so the heat tend to soften both the dough and butter. One of the key to avoid dough getting too soft and melty is to work on the coldest surface possible: make sure you’re working your puff pastry on a stainless steel or marble surface. You can buy a a specific board for that. The type of butter you use can be also a source of problems: use butter provided by some bakers, its heating point is higher so it’s easier to handle. Here’s a selection of posts you might find interesting to perfect your “art of the puff pastry”:


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