Video: How to Cut Potatoes

Different ways to cut potatoes

At first, peel the potato with a vegetable peeler then rinse it thoroughly under fresh water. That is the basic preamble to any cutting, slicing or carving work on potatoes (and any other vegetable as well).

Note that some qualities or species of potato don’t need to be peeled; when making roasted potato wedges for example, it is always better to keep the skin as it adds a lovely smoky flavor.

Making potato slices

Simply slice the potato regularly to the desired thickness. Be careful to maintain the potato so it doesn’t roll when you cut.

Making potato wedges

Just cut the potato lengthwise, and then make another cut in each half to make quarters.

Making potato sticks

First, you should always cut a flat part to stabilize the potato when you make slices. Slice the potato lengthwise to make even slices. Then stack the slices together and cut lengthwise to make sticks. It’s done!

Making potato cubes

Just follow the process to make potato sticks, then cut them together perpendicularly to make small dices.

Basic equipment

Of course, these basic tools will be useful for everything you do in your kitchen, not just cutting potatoes!

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