The Designer’s Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho Soup Recipe - Cold Soup Recipe - Vegetable Gazpacho Soup

Last month I stumbled upon a very good and informative post about gazpacho soup on seriouseats. The pictures were very intriguing as the soup was very thin and translucid, just like a fragile art piece. Nothing to do with the thick and smooth cold soup that I’m used to taste form time to time.
And for now I found this similar art pics about maldivian cuisine memories on delicious:days : a fruit and cheese gazpacho which I couldn’t resist to stand along without sipping it like a thief.

So my wonder: is gazpacho quickly becoming a cooking-artist mandatory must-have? Is there a cold soup styling trend this year?

Anyway, just check these nices lectures and pics, it’s just mouth-watering.

Do you have any good links about “gazpacho styling”? Or maybe a nice gazpacho recipe from your own?

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