5 Ways To Dazzle Your Guests When You Don’t Know How to Cook

The best way to impress your guests is to serve them good food. But those who are not good at cooking can use some tricks to impress their guests.

It is probably easier to invite your friends to a restaurant for dinner. But we can also invite them home and prepare some dishes yourself. Although cooking is a challenge for most of us, those who are struggling to make good food can use these tricks to please their guests.

1. Use foods you can cook quickly

You don’t need to perform miracles; fast cooking food may be interesting to use to impress your guests. A delicious dish is not always difficult to achieve and does not necessarily need a lot of preparation time. It is best to find easy recipes in a book or make a quick tour on your favorite cooking website. Thousands of recipes are available. Easy recipes can be based on sauces and pasta, and can be bought in most stores.

Don’t select a recipe randomly because it is necessary that the dish stands out from the crowd. Serving strawberry pie in winter, for example, will always surprise people. We must build on the elements of surprise. To do this, prefer a dish that goes against a season, a luxury dish like caviar, or an exotic dish.

2. Tips to make a dish less ordinary

In case you did not have time to choose a recipe, other techniques exist to impress your guests. For example, you could use an unusual appetizer, dessert flambé or a gratin dish. Read the following carefully:

3. The appetizer and dessert, the key moments of a dinner

Note that the appetizer and dessert are particularly influential on the general impression of the whole dinner. Thus, you will need to take particular care to make the evening memorable. It is best not to serve appetizers, bitter anise drinks or even too sweet cocktails that could block the taste buds. The choice will be on soft and light snacks and drinks such as champagne, sparkling wine, dry or sweet white wine.

4. Advice for the main course

If you have opted for a plain dish, the gratin in an oven for 10 minutes would also be a great idea. To do this, simply cover with a layer of béchamel or cream and parmesan. If you are a busy person, you could just place an order at a restaurant of your choice. Then you can decorate the dish with a seasoning that has the look of a homemade dish. Wherever possible, the packaging ends up in a separate bin, of course ;)

5. The importance of the presentation of the dish

Sometimes a simple touch can be enough to impress your guests, you just have to do it well. This is where creativity comes into play. In cooking, the presentation is as important and even more so than the taste. Read this article about the secrets of plating a dish like a restaurant chef. Care should be taken at four points:

  • The color of the dish,
  • Smell,
  • Decoration,
  • Music corresponding to the dish

As for the color of the dish, it is not about making a splashing rainbow, but you can choose colors that match the theme of the dinner. The smell is also something to consider. This is not about perfuming the house, because the smell of the dish will be enough to impress the guests.

One trick is to sauté the onions in butter to enhance the scent. As for decoration, the golden rule is to take the ingredients and cut into round or rectangular shapes or shear them. There are kitchen scissors specially designed for decorations. Finally, to immerse your friends in the atmosphere, soft music would not be too much as long as it matches the overall theme of the dinner. These combined elements will awake all the senses and you can be sure to awaken the appetite of the guests.

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