Top 4 Fresh Vegetable Cocktails to Keep Your Slim Fit

Cucumber, peas or carrots … Make your drinks as tasty as they are unusual with garden vegetables. And fill up on vitamins!

1.     Revisit tomato juice classics

Serving tomato juice with a decorative celery stalk and salt is quite common. You can revisit this recipe by adding carrot juice and lemon. Tomato also marries very well with pepper. Make your blender ready ready and take the opportunity to make delicious smoothies, unless you are tempted by a tomato-avocado alliance. Add some sunshine with some of the most original mix with orange and grapefruit, or vanilla. You should definitely give it a try!

2.     Cucumbers: always fresh and light

When looking for an appetizer drink, forget alcohol and serve this cucumber, mint and coconut milk smoothie instead. Optionally, add a chopped shallot and a clove of garlic. In a slightly different way you can mix the vegetables with lemon juice and parsley. Less known, the “cucumber collins” coktail will please your guests: In a shaker, combine cucumber, gin, lemon juice, lemonade and cane sugar syrup of cane. A possible replacement for lemonade. Shake with a cocktail spoon, and then serve!

3.     Use orange along with carrot

Carrot can be too much in too many cocktails, just like Allegria, which includes carrot, pineapple, orange and lemon in one drink. Do you prefer simplicity? Opt for a cocktail made of organic carrots and oranges. Otherwise, in a blender, mix carrot juice, orange and fresh ginger. Cheers!

4.     Peas, zucchini or beets?

Whatever your favorite vegetable is, there is always one way to use it in a cocktail and enjoy yourself. Combine peas with white cacao cream. With zucchini, rather bet on limes and pepper. As for the beets, it will be delicious with raspberry and cranberry juice. Ideal for refueling vitamins.

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