A Retro Bistro Style For Your Kitchen Decor

French Bistro Kitchen Design and Decorating - Vintage Bistro Kitchen Decoration

Retro and friendly

Do you like flea markets? Do you like universes that smells authenticity? What if you could get some inspiration from Parisian bistros to decorate your kitchen under the sign of vintage and rememberings? No doubt that the room where you simmer your dishes will become a stylish and friendly place to live in. Here’s how to do it in two lessons:

Vintage bar and restaurants furnitures

To recreate a true brasserie, furniture is an important step. Like the traditional bistros of Paris, we opt for the professional furniture, combining wood, metal frame and brass handles such as counters and spices racks to add a touch authenticity to the kitchen. If you like bargain hunting, you should find happiness over flea markets… If not, consider having a tour to the stores in your area that offers a wide range of bistro furniture marked “60 years old” as we like!

Key accessories for a Parisian bistro decor

We cannot do it without a few accessories to complete this typical bistro-style decor! The old metal advertising sign that displays over the entry such as “Cafe de Paris” or “counter”, the walls boast a retro mood. But the list does not stop there! Just hang a large slate painting on the wall, as if it were a nod to the eternal dishes of the day. On the dresser, a variety of beautiful retro metal boxes for biscuits, tea and other delicacies. We can store pasta, rice or sugar in a series of glass jars. Vichy textiles, king of the 50’s, must also be part of the scenery on the tablecloth, tea towels and placemats. The final touch? A clock with the old Roman numerals with its adjoining wall…

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