How to Cook a Duck Breast Perfectly

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The magret is a part of the breast of a fattened duck. The breast is composed of a thick layer of meat and fat. It has a very good taste and its preparation is quite easy. The duck is prepared either in the oven or with honey or spicy sauce. This type of meat is sold at butchers and poultry merchants. Duck breasts are used in famous recipes like the classic duck a l’orange.

When choosing a good duck, it is necessary to consider the breed, breast weight and color of the flesh.

The specifics of duck breast

The magret is a part of the breast of a fattened mallard duck. The meat is different from the fillet which is found in other breeds of ducks. Indeed, the breast is the part of the sternum, fattened for foie gras. The duck has a dark red flesh with a pale yellow fat. The meat consists of two parts: the skin and flesh. The duck can be stored in the freezer. However, it must be completely thawed before consumption. It is also necessary to check the deadline indicated on consumer packaging.

How to choose a duck

hen buying a duck, it is advisable to consult the label. This should state the breed of duck, and the weight of the retention period. The weight of a duck is between 300 g and 400 g. It is recommended to choose a breast whose skin does not overflow. A slightly concave fillet is also more that a duck dish (sentence unclear). Otherwise, it is not advisable to choose a duck with gray flesh. It is also necessary to ensure that the skin adheres well to the pulpit. The duck can be purchased in pieces or in its entirety.

Duck recipes

The duck can be prepared in several ways. Results differ both in terms of ingredients used and the cooking time.

The lacquered duck breast

To prepare the lacquered duck breast, the ingredients are:
4 teaspoons cornstarch – 4 duck breasts – 200 ml soy sauce – salt – 200 ml of vinegar – pepper – 250 ml honey

For a start, it is necessary to put the cornstarch in a bowl. Then add the vinegar, salt, honey, soy sauce and pepper. These ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then the duck breasts, cleaned, will be added to the mixture. Let stand for 90 minutes and place the bowl with marinade in the refrigerator overnight. The next day the duck will be cooked in a pan, sitting on the flesh side. After 10 minutes, they will be placed on a large plate and coated with soy sauce. Then the breasts will be placed in a preheated oven. They can be removed from the oven after about 8 minutes. Finally, lacquered duck can be served warm, sliced.

Duck breast with honey

The ingredients used to prepare a duck breast with honey are:
4 duck breasts – 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar – 2 wrists raisins – 2 shallots, minced – 4 tablespoons honey – cinnamon – 200 ml fruit juice (apricot, pineapple) – thyme – salt – cumin

For this recipe, the breasts should be cut in diamond on the surface. They will then be placed in a pot containing a little water. It is essential that the skin of the duck is in contact with the pot. After 10 minutes of cooking, the breasts should be returned. Cooking of 10 minutes is required before adding the pepper and salt. Then, the breasts should be removed from the pot. In the latter, the shallots are simmered for 3 minutes. Then the vinegar, spices and honey can be added to shallots. Similarly, after 2 minutes, raisins and fruit juice may be added to the sauce. It is necessary to stir the mixture regularly. The sauce should boil about 10 minutes before putting the duck breasts into the pot. 5 minutes will suffice for the breasts are fully cooked and ready to serve.

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