6 Tips to Store Dinnerware in a Small Kitchen

how to store dinnerware

How can you arrange your dishes in a practical and effective way when you have a small kitchen? Follow our tips and tricks to maximize your available space. A suitable small kitchen storage asks for everything to prevent disorder and heavy decoration. Discover our “space saving”  ideas to store your dishes with practical and aesthetic solutions.

1. Choose a “space saving” dinnerware set

In serveware, some elements are better suited than others for the cupboard, including cups and glasses. Choose stackable models that you can put both in one direction then in another. Swap your large cups for greater purposes and get stackable mugs for tea, coffee and milkshakes.

2. Install corner cupboards

The corner areas are often misused in a kitchen. Yet it is an effective solution to accommodate your dishes: the drawer is hinged to allow access into the nooks and crannies, while giving an overview for your convenience. Open the angle drawers, and you will see that both sides retract to avoid bumping the adjacent faces. To store more dishes, go for a corner drawer that includes a turntable inside. Usually this turntable has two levels, and this type of model allows you to have the dishes on the bottom and have easy access by a simple rotation.

3. Use full height storage space

In small spaces, always remember to use the height for storage. In order not to overload the decoration, choose tall drawers and lift systems.

Many models can accommodate narrow kitchens. If there is a space between the cabinets and the ceiling, install baskets on top to store dishes that you use occasionally, such as pie plates, cake pans and even robot appliances. Cover to protect against dust and have a small stool ready for easy access.

4. Fix the dishwasher using hooks

Once you have stored the dishes in the impressive top cabinets, hang light dishes with wall mounted hooks. Hang the dishes over the background (white cups on a white or dark tiled background, or 2 tones cups with matching colors in your kitchen). Attaching hooks onto the walls can boost the decoration and make it more alive, rather than just hiding everything in the closet and never seeing anything.

5. Hang fine shelvings

Turn your dishes into decorative objects that contribute to the style of your kitchen: expose them. Hang shelves on the walls and match them with all the light woods your have in your kitchen to accentuate its natural spirit. Royal blue will give pizzaz to a completely white room. Otherwise create a palette of colors when using more than 3 shelves. Then put your best cups and bowls on these hooks and shelves for your most original decorations.

6. Choose hanging racks

Abandon the traditional plastic dish rack beside the sink for a wall mounted dish rack. This is styled more like a shelf than a conventional rack and made of stainless steel, plus, this will enhance your decor

Headline photo credit: Contemporary Kitchen design by Dublin Kitchen And Bath Keith Fennelly via Houzz.com
Content photo credit: Contemporary Kitchen design by Dublin Kitchen And Bath Glenvale Kitchens via Houzz.com

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