Why You Should Use Aromatic Herbs in Your Desserts

Mint is delicious as a dessert, but have you tried basil? Dare you marry dill, thyme or chervil with your desserts? Check out these original and tasty marriages.

If the herbs are very comfortable in the savory, they are often forgotten when preparing desserts, except mint.

Indeed, mint is very decorative, ornamenta. We can use it in foams, ice  creams or fruit salads.
Sometimes, mint flavors light syrups and is often married with chocolate, but will you dare to try something bolder?

Many restaurants use herbs to honor their dessert menu: Roasted apricots with rosemary, thyme creme brulee, basil sorbet …

Thyme and rosemary, with hot and intense flavor, blend harmoniously with summer fruits and citrus fruits from which they emphasize the freshness. They also lend their flavor to sugar syrups, caramels and other sweets.

Basil is used only with its deep leaves. Infused in cold milk or marinades, basil emphasizes their taste with its fresh flavor. You can slightly add it to lemony red fruits, apricots and pineapple.

Tarragon goes particularly well with pineapple, especially when it comes slightly caramelized. Tarragon also likes grapes, melon and citrus.

Coriander likes exotic fruits, citrus fruits and desserts made from coconut milk and spices.

Parsley flavors pasta, fruit and appreciates oilseeds: walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

Dill appreciates the dairy preparations for which it brings a very pleasant aniseed taste. It also likes citrus.

As for shallot and garlic, if they know to be gentle and sweet, it’s coming in chutneys and jams that they will have a greater place.


A recipe that uses milk? First soak herbs in cold milk for 1 night, it will be delicately scented.
Sprigs of thyme or rosemary become skewers. Fruit will be even more tasty and fragrant: strawberries, apricots, peaches, pears … dare!
Let marinate fresh herbs in oil. This will give you a delicious deliciously scented oil to replace the fat in your cake.

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