Fruit Bowls: Adding a Touch of Freshness to a Natural Presentation

Fruit bowls – of course they are useful to store your fresh fruit, but they’re also an easy way to naturally add color and focus point to your kitchen of dining room. So, for a fruity atmosphere in the kitchen and your dining table, don’t rely only on accessories which take the dust  — just add a fruit bowl with a great looking composition. Plus, you cannot get bored of fruit, you can move the bowls around and garnish them depending on the season. And it’s nearly impossible to make a decorating mistake with fruits, choose color accents that matches one or two of your decor elements. Here are some great examples of fruit bowls staged in various designers projects your can see above.

Below is a selection of good finds we hand picked for you on the Internet.

contemporary fruit bowls

Modern fruit bowls for a natural and contemporary look:

1. InterDesign Twillo Fruit Bowl – $14.50
2. Zodiac Bowl with Leaf Decoration – $45.51
3. Flat Cut Bowl with Handles – $43.22
4. Paper Mache Vessel in White and Copper – $30.00
5. Hammered 6-Inch Stainless Steel Bowl – $8.98
6. Large Mango Wood Bowl – $27.95
7. Hand Ribbed Bowl – $39.95
8. Philippi Cocoon Fruit Bowl – $56.82

modern fruit bowls

Colorful and structured fruit bowls for a happy modern style:

1. Peony 4″ Petite Bowl Amethyst – $25.00
2. Alessi La Rosa Fruit Bowl – $108.00
3. Euro Starburst Fruit Bowl – $21.75
4. Shapes/Circles Round Fruit Bowl, Black – $12.07
5. Twillo Fruit Bowl, Metallico/Clear – $20.38
6. Pantone Universe Bowl – $69.99
7. Solid Orange 3-Liter Bowl – $14.23
8. Dunbar Fruit Bowl Grid in Chrome by Spectrum – $25.05


Slideshow photo credits, from left to right: John Lum Architecture – Modern kitchen, San Francisco / Sarah St. Amand Interior Design – White contemporary kitchen, Toronto / Sutton Suzuki Architects  – Kauai residence, Contemporary kitchen, Hawaii / Via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia – Contemporary kitchen / Studio Garneau – Modern kitchen, New York

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