Cosy Kitchen Inspirations from New York

If you’re looking for lofty and spacious, yet cozy kitchen inspirations, this collection of kitchen renovations in New York might interest you. From industrial to rustic and eclectic kitchen designs, all these projects share a friendly and warmful atmosphere. Look how the designers played with wood accents on the floors and ceiling, and how they use the classic brick wall — typical from New York buildings to build on orange and red colors.

elegant cosy kitchen new york image

kitchen  loft soho ny picture

white cosy kitchen in new york image www.josephinedesign.net

eclectic cosy kitchen new york picturewww.olgaadlerinteriors.com

new york city cosy kitchen under stair picturewww.thomfilicia.com


nyc cosy kitchen photowww.reikodesign.com

blue cosy kitchen design new york picturewww.pointonearchitects.com

cosy loft kitchen new york picturePhoto by www.PeterRymwid.com

rustic cosy kitchen new york picturewww.ccswoodworks.net

new york
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