3 Great Tips To Teach Your Man How To Cook

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If you are tired to spend all your evenings to cook, maybe it is time to hand over your man and tell him where the kitchen actually is…

It’s always you who cook? And when it’s his turn, it’s always pasta and fried eggs? So here are three tips so that he would take over to the cooktop by himself… and you will enjoy.

Propose easy recipes

Men also can learn cooking, just give them the tips needed.
No salmon confit marinated in truffle sauce and asparagus. No. Simple but delicious recipes anyway, which avoid him losing his head and calling you every five minutes to the rescue.
Propose products he knows, cooking methods he has ever heard of and a simple implementation to follow from A to Z. Learning cooking is a breeze if you understand everything from the start.

Provide quick recipes

It’s a better (and safe) way to avoid recipes that require him to spend three hours in the kitchen.
Of course, like everyone else, the man doesn’t want to spend an evening cooking… but anyway he wants something good,especially if it’s for you, for children or guests (if not, shame).
So half an hour of preparation and a half hour of cooking are the maximum! Pies, cakes, clafoutis, fried dishes, gratins … this can be very quick to do as long as it is practical and effective.

Help him in the measurements and cooking methods

Not sure he knows that the thermostat 6 is equal to 180°c? Do you even know it by yourself? And 15cl, what is this exactly in grams, and ounces? No, for him to avoid problems, help him before he put it wrong way… Otherwise, you will be disturbed every two minutes… or he will discourage himself in your absence.
The solution is to be quiet all evening and teach cooking without difficulty, perhaps by offering a recipe book designed especially for him.
Simple recipes, organic and delicious cuisine can be easy and suitable for men: to learn cooking is child’s play, impossible for him to miss a dish after a while!.

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