Try This on Your Next Coffee Break

What is your coffee ritual at work? If you’re anything like us at Eatwell 101 HQ, you just can’t get enough of the stuff! Here are four ideas to spice up your coffee break and share a good cup with your colleagues.

An artisan chocolate tasting session

artisans craft chocolateGather with your colleague and sample a few craft chocolates for some of the best bean-to-bar artisans in the country. Order your bars online and have them delivered at the office! RogueChocolatier.com / Fruition Chocolates

Bring homemade cookies

Easy-shortbread-recipeThese lovely variations on traditional Breton shortbread are so soft and tender they literally melt-in-your-mouth. Definitely hard to beat with a cup of coffee, tea or topped with berries or ice-cream! Get the recipe here.

Try salted coffee!

coffee break ideasNo need to upset the person at your office who is in charge of making cheap, low-cost brand coffee. It will taste better with salt added to the grounds, or directly in the cup. It will remove the bitter/burnt taste and is so much better than you’d think. Plus it helps us to avoid using too much creamer and sugar! Flickr user Mr.TinDC.

Bring a well thought gadget

best-Coffee-ScoopYou’ll make some jealous with this stylish measuring scoop. The Rösle Coffee Scoop measures out the ideal amount of ground coffee and is also handy when you need to add a bit of sugar. Available at Amazon.

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