What Whisk For What Purpose?

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Essential for any cook to beat or whip a preparation (such as an omelette) and especially to incorporate air. Kitchen whisks have their own characteristics.

Classic Whisk: thanks to the thin handle end and wide spaces between the wires, the mixtures which are more or less liquid are easy to mix without much effort. I use it for: pancake, creams, sauces and soups.

Kitchen Whisk: the big round handle combined with many flexible and tight wires guarantees a good result when mixing pasta and preparations of thicker consistency. I uses it for choux pastry, custards …

Balloon whisk: she shape of the balloon brings a lot of air in the preparation when it is whipped. I use it for: beat the egg whites, whipped cream, make a sabayon …

Flat Whisk: the shape of this whip is suitable for flat containers (pans, plates …) to mix small amounts. It raises the preparations to be mixed with care. I use it to: beat the eggs, cream and sauces …

Spiral Whisk: the shape of the flexible spiral can lather liquid preparations, and not let out any lumps. I use it to: mix in narrow containers to make the bechamel sauce, puddings, sauces without lumps.

Ball Whisk: with the stainless steel ball inside the wire cage, the air enters optimally in the preparation. I use it for: beat the egg whites, whipped cream …

To help you choose the right whisk for a good start, we’ve selected for you the best whisks recommended by our readers. Now it’s up to you to start your collection!

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