Summer Drink: 5 Anti-Sweat Cocktails for Long, Hot Afternoons

 best Summer Cocktails recipe IdeasDuring the warmer summer months, there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold cocktail on a hot afternoon. Fruity and sweet and delicious, there are endless varieties of these thirst-drenchers! Thus, we’ve rounded up 5 tasty refreshing cocktails to celebrate the season: Citrusy Sangria with Champagne, Guava Grapefruit Summer Cocktail, Coconut Orange Cocktail, Sweet Tea Cocktail with Bourbon, and a fragrant Watermelon Frosty. Try these at home, and you’ll be ready for happy hour in no time!

1. Citrusy Sangria with Champagne. Make a simple syrup by stirring sugar and water until sugar dissolves totally. Keep in refrigerator to chill.
In a tall pitcher, add all fruits, sliced: lemon, blood orange, clementines, apple, pomegranate seeds + grapefruit juice + salt + simple syrup and ginger ale. Chill in refrigerator for a few hours, overnight is better, if you have time. Serve the sangria in a glass and top it with chilled champagne.

2. Guava Grapefruit Summer Cocktail. Mix guava juice with grapefruit juice, vodka and Perrier. Pour over ice and top with grapefruit wedges.

3. Coconut Orange Cocktail. In a mason jar filled with ice, pour over the coconut rum. Fill 3/4 of the way to the top with orange juice, then stir well. Float the vanilla coconut milk on top and serve.

4. Watermelon Frosty. Blend frozen watermelon cubes with vodka, honey, lemon juice, an half a banana in your blender. You can adjust the texture by adding a little water. Pour in glasses and garnish with frozen watermelon rind.

5. Sweet Tea Cocktail with Bourbon. In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Then turn off water and add black tea bags. Steep tea for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags, fill a large pitcher with tea and let chill in your refrigerator until cold. Place agave, bourbon, orange slices and fresh mint in a medium bowl. Muddle or press the ingredients with the back of a spoon. Once the flavors are extracted, add the mixture to the pitcher of tea. Stir well. You can filter out the orange wedges and the mint leaves before. Pour sweet, boozy tea over ice in tall glasses.

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