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Best Salad Spinners Reviews - Cheap Salad Spinner - Oxo Salad Spinners Have you ever tried to dry a salad without a salad spinner? Well, from experience, it is not very convenient! Shaking salad leaves one by one, hoping that all the water is gone and leaving to dry on a plate… So why complicating things as much when there are salad spinners for cheap?

How does as salad spinner work?

A centrifuge salad spinner is a very simple tool: one basket, made in a sort of grid, is rotated by a handle on the lid. A bigger container encloses the primary basket so not to spill the place around with water.

The salad spinner allows you to spin your salad so fast! At first, just pass the salad under cold water in your kitchen sink. You can soak salad leaves a few minutes in clear water with a little red vinegar to get rid of slugs and mud remaining on the leaves.

Once washed, separate the leaves of your salad and place them in your centrifuge basket. Usually a salad spinner has a lid with a pull handle or a crank. Pull the handle or press the crank a few times so that the cart moves quickly! Centrifugal force then allows to drain the water out of your salad.

When you open your spinner, water remains in the bowl and salad is dry (or almost dry)!
But there is more to enjoy about! This tool is of course originally planned to spin salad, but it works very well with other products such as cooked spinach for example.

Original salad spinners

Salad dryers are usually made of plastic or sometimes stainless steel. However you can find original clear plastic material for example, or with beautiful illustrations. There are spinner in every color with different sizes to choose from depending on your usage.

You can find particular salad spinners with handles to pull or a crank, but also with buttons to press that will turn your centrifuge basket without any effort.

If you intend to buy a salad spinner

Take a fairly robust tool, especially for the handle, which is subject to bear a lot of manipulations – when my son was 1 and a half year old, he quietly broke the lid by pulling the handle with an extremely sarcastic smile on his angelic face while maintaining the container with his feet –.

To help you choose the right utensil, we’ve selected for you some of the best rated and most original salad spinners on Amazon:

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