Help! What is Your Best Advice for Buying Tomatoes?

What-is-Your-Best-Advice-for-Buying-TomatoesQuestion: “I want to make the tomato chips recipe, but every time I bought tomatoes I had the impression that there is no taste at all. How to be sure that a tomato will taste good? Do you have a few rules to follow to minimize the damage?”
Sent by Katy

Editor: There is no exact science, but there are two rules to follow that should limit the damage and guarantee you get tasteful tomatoes:

  • Buy in season from local farmer’s markets because the less transport they undergo, the best it is.
  • Wait for their full maturity: tomatoes continue to ripen after the harvest.
  • Prefer buying tomatoes on the stem, make sure that all the fruits are attached to the branch, which is green and fresh.

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