10 Fun New Products for Baking Lovers

Irresistible cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, pastries, and breads—from everyday sweets for the family to special-occasion show-stoppers, pastries and baked goods reminds the tastes of childhood. The craft of baking is based on good technique and proper utensils, but some extra gadgets can be of a great help too! If you are a lover of baking and pastry arts (or a beginner cook), here’s a selection of new and fun baking tools to inspire your next successes in the kitchen.

1st row:
Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label,  by Collections Etc – $15.98 Amazon
2. Just a Slice Silicone Cake Pan – $13.90 Amazon
3. Cupcake Corer, by Oxo Good grip – $6.99 Amazon
4. Cupcake Dessert Carrier, by Snapware – $36.99 Amazon
5. Multi-Tier Cake Pan, Non-Stick, by Chicago Metallic – $25.22 Amazon

2nd row:
6. Party Cupcake Decorations with Floral Print – $12.99 Amazon
7. Cake Server, Stainless Steel – $39.00 Amazon
8. Cupcake Wraps, by Wilton – $5.35 Amazon
9. Nonstick Cake-Sicle Pan with 24 Sticks, by Norpro – $15.71 Amazon
10. E-Z Deco Icing Pen, by Nordic Ware – $12.17 Amazon

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