Aromatic Herbs Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen

Using fresh herbs in cooking adds wonderful flavor to your favorite dishes. However, not having the optimal kitchen utensil for cutting herbs, storing them or even freezing them for later, can make a simple task a real chore (fresh chives that stick to your chef knife blade, anyone?). We did a little poll around the office and came up with the most useful aromatic herb gadgets you can get your hands on.

Aromatic Herbs GadgetsMicroplane Herb Mill
Mince large quantities of herbs in a blink with a simple twist.
$19.95, available at Williams-Sonoma.

Cuisipro Herb KeeperCuisipro Herb Keeper
Keep your fresh herbs for longer, but also asparagus, celery or rhubarb stalks.
$22.95, available at Amazon.

Gourmet Herb ScissorsGourmet Herb Scissors
A time saver that is ideal for cutting, chopping and mincing any kind of herbs in no time.
$12.50, available at Amazon.

Herb Pot with TrayHerb Pot with Tray
Grow your favorite aromatic herbs on your windowsill, and keep them organized with the nice assorted platter.
$29.95, available at Amazon.

Evergreen Terracotta HerbpotEvergreen Terracotta Herbpot Large
$42.00, available at Bambeco.

Herb Freezer TrayChef’n SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray
Freeze a variety of different herb types for later use. This smart gadget prevents freezer burn.
$9.99, available at Amazon.

herb planter with scissorsHerb Planter with Scissors
This matte white ceramic oval nurtures windowsill herbs with a dedicated slot for accompanying scissor.
$29.95, available at Crate and Barrel.

Herb StripperChef’n Kale, Chard, Collard Greens and Herb Stripper
Strip kale, collards, chard and herb leaves from stems in seconds.
$7.95, available at Amazon.

zyliss herb mincerZyliss Herb Mincer
This mincer works perfectly and gets the job done very fast.
$16.95, available at Crate & Barrel.

herbsicle frozen herb keeperChef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper
Keep herbs fresh and green longer by freezing them until ready for use. Grate the desired amount of frozen herbs.
$7.95, available at Crate & Barrel.

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