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Smallest region of France in area, bordering Switzerland and Germany, Alsace is located in a fertile plain between the Vosges mountains and the Black Forest crossing from side to side by the Rhine.

The half-timbered houses, built around the towers of churches, lend a quaint charm to the small towns and villages of Alsace which follow the wine route of Thann in the south and ends at Marlenheim in the north. Province of Alsace bears the scars of its past influences which confuse Roman, Austrian and German. Strasbourg, European city by excellence, is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. From Colmar the “little Venice” through Mulhouse, everything changes the atmosphere for the tourists perspective: dialect, customs, festivities and of course cuisine.

Traditional and refined, the Alsatian cuisine will delight our taste buds. Widely known as a pastry mastery, Alsace is considered one of the most demanding provinces.
Alsatian cuisine, strongly influenced by the Germanic culinary traditions, is rich in local delicacies with her pie vineyard, famous choucroute, his knuckle to the bone or baeckeofe. The friendly farm-inns or winstub welcome you to finish on a sweet note with its famous plum tart or kugelhof.

Enjoy is not an empty word here, both for the quality or quantity.

Alsace: The Gourmet CalendarAlsace frech region -  french food - tradionnal french food alsace - alsace gastonomy

  • April: wine fair in Ammerschwihr, feast of the snail at Osenbach
  • May: Feast of the asparagus Hoerdt, wine fair in Molsheim, Guebwiller, the feast of pig at Ungersheim
  • June: Day kougelhof in Ribeauvillé, feast of the cherry and Kirsch to Breitenhar, market gingerbread Gertwiller, Oktoberfest in Berrwiller
  • July: local produce market in Strasbourg, the spring festival in Wangen, cellars Pfaffenheim Day, Day to Rodern Pinot noir, the feast of potato Wickerschwihr, party to Stotzheim blueberries, harvest festival in Stotzheim, Feast of the frog in Herrlisheim
  • August: Colmar Wine Fair, Oktoberfest in Schiltigheim, Day Gewurztraminer in Bergheim, Cleethorpes Day Cream, Day Klevener to Heiligenstein, Day to Rorschwihr in Silberberg, wines and local flavors in Thann, wine festival in Colmar, the feast of fried carp in Munchhouse
  • September: feast of sauerkraut Meistratzheim, feast of the plums in Reichshoffen, gourmet walk in Selestat, Grape Harvest Festival in Cleethorpes, autumn festival at Winton, new wine festival in Wissembourg, Colmar, Saint Hippolyte, Mittelbergheim, party Valff harvesting, the feast of onion in Mulhouse, Day lenses in Heimsbrunn, party bread to the High Michelbach, milk Jebsheim Day, feast of the still Roderen
  • October: Harvest Festival at Barr, the chestnut festival in Niederbronn Les Bains, large grape festival in Molsheim, Obernai autumn festival, the Feast of the distillery and the press to Wegscheid, Pumpkin Day Logelheim
  • December: Christmas markets in many locations. The christmas markets are a great occasion to see a lot of typical products gathered at the same place!


If you want to explore further the richnesses of Alsace, we recommend the following books:

We’ll be presenting more aspects of alsacian culture and gastronomy in a serie of posts to follow, so keep an eye on this section ;)
Please share with us if you had some experiences of travelling in Alsace. What was your favorite location? What product or wine did you enjoy? Did you brought back some recipes you’d like to share?
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