Tips: 6 Unexpected Ways to Use Vinaigrette Beyond Salads

 ideas for using vinaigrette

Do you make your own vinaigrette to season your salads? Vinaigrette adds a tangy and fresh touch to even the blandest steamed leeks or asparagus. We can think that salad seasoning is the only purpose of vinaigrette, but you can definitely use it for elaborated sauces, and marinades for that matter. So today we’ll have a look on how we can use vinaigrette in other type of preparations. Nothing complicated here, you can get a maximum of flavor and texture just by using your usual vinaigrette mix (homemade or not) as the basis for the addition of other ingredients.

Here’s a handful of ideas for using vinaigrette beyond salads:

  • 1. Make a quick salsa by adding finely chopped or grated fruit or veggies.
  • 2. Use it for finger foods as a dipping sauce: perfect for carrot sticks, crackers, raw cauliflower florets…
  • 3. Use vinaigrette as a base for building various dips: add yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream and whatever spices and herbs you feel up to.
  • 4. Drizzle vinaigrette over roasted, broiled, grilled, or steamed meat, fish or vegetables toward the end of cooking.
  • 5. Vinaigrette is the perfect emulsion to marinate fish, poultry or meat, or poultry before broiling, grilling, or roasting. You can use the leftover marinade as a great sauce after boiling it for a few minutes to eliminate raw meat bacterias.
  • 6. Brush on sliced country bread before grilling or broiling.
  • 7. Use it as a condiment to drizzle on sandwiches.

What are your best vinaigrette sauce mixes when you need to pull something together quickly? What are you favorite uses for vinaigrette?

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