What to do with Cold Roast Beef Leftovers?

After a buffet or a reception, it’s not uncommon to be left with some slices of cold roast beef without an idea of what to do with them.In this post, I give you some simple ideas and useful tips to accommodate your cold roast beef leftovers.

1.Beef Croquettes

With a remainder of roast, you can make “nuggets.” Once the meat is finely chopped, mix it with 1 (or 2) steamed and crushed potatoes, garlic, parsley, shallot, and a egg or two depending on the amount of meat.  Shape the nuggets as you wick and roll them in a little flour, then cook in a pan with the oil of your choice.  Accompanied by a green salad, these croquettes are a great dinner dish; also great for children.

2. Peppers and lime juice salad

Mince the beef slices, put them on top of a peppers salad with lime juice and a bit of chili sauce, or nuoc mam sauce.

3. Salad with mustard vinaigrette

Prepare a salad with vinaigrette, mustard, and parsley, then cut the roast beef into small pieces; add onion and garlic.  You can also garnish with purple pickled olives.

4. Beef stuffing

You can make a stuffing by adding to the minced meat: garlic, parsley or basil, an egg, bread crumbs soaked in milk, and spices according to your taste.  You can add some chopped ham or sausage too, and then use it for stuffed potatoes, stuffed tomatoes, or peppers.  Cook the ground beef in a tomato sauce and you are good to go with bolognese spaghettis and lasagnes.

5. pate

You can also make one “house” block in a loaf pan and eat it cold in slices.  Wet with a mixture of bread + milk and add seasoning and herbs de provence “thyme / Bay leaves” on top.Bake it in the oven for 30 minutes.

I bet you have tips or advice on how to utilize leftover cold beef, so please share with us!

Photo by Vero.b

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