How to Create a Great Decoration for your Cocktail Dinner?

A few tricks will allow you to entertain your guests.  Please take some notes so that your culinary talents will be properly recognized.

First, a good buffet dinner must be friendly. think and prepare your appetizers

in advance.  This will allow you to enjoy your evening and your guests without any hassle.  In addition, appetizer recipes lend themselves to that.  For example, it is possible to make your recipes a few days in advance and place them in the freezer until the big day!  Then you can warm up your sweets at the last minute and offer them hot.  We talked about this subject in a previous post: the 30 best toasts and canapes recipes for your cocktail parties.

Mini-quiches, mini-pizzas, and mini-puffs, they all like hot cakes! 

This will allow you to give more careful attention to the look of your small homemade recipes.  I am convinced that seducing your friends requires you to satisfy their eyes as much their taste buds!  Do not hesitate to break out a multitude of small colorful containers to open the appetite of your guests.  This will highlight your specialties.  No doubt, thanks to this trick, your guests will have eyes as big as their bellies!

Why not organize this dinner buffet around a theme?  Examples: A color theme to see life in pink; transparent and mystic verrines, delights from the Orient, etc.  There are many possibilities!  This theme fits better in a special atmosphere: Soft lighting and background music will be conducive to a perfect tasting.

What tips can you offer to successfully entertain guests?  What did you try?  What worked for you?  What are your decoration ideas for a great cocktail buffet evening?

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