What Kind of Coffee Drinker Are You?

how to brew coffee at home

You don’t have to always head outside to your local coffee shop of cafe to enjoy a tasty beverage. Modern appliances in the home are so good these days that anyone can whip up a coffee that they can be proud of and enjoy.

As well as being able to drink it in the comfort of their own home folks who make their own coffee will end up saving a bunch of money over the long run too.

But before you go out and buy a new coffee machine you will need to figure out what type of coffee you like to drink!

Espresso based coffee

The classic Italian coffee is the espresso and most drinks that you’ll find in such a cafe will be based on this. Many of our favorite drinks such as lattes and cappuccino’s are essentially an espresso shot mixed with hot milk.

espresso maker

Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine, Cranberry Red
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Drip and French press coffee

The type of coffee that you’ll be used to in your american diner or roadside cafe is more often than not from a drip coffee machine. This is made by letting water pass through the ground coffee and is either drunk black or with just a dash of milk added.

If this is more your style then you’re going to want either a drip coffee machine like in the diner, or a french press which brews the coffee slightly differently but with a similar result and way of drinking.

french press coffee maker

Alessi Aldo Rossi Press Filter Coffee Maker or Tea Infuser
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So that was just a quick intro into how to brew a nice cup of coffee at home. See you next time!

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