What Are You Cooking This Weekend? (Dinner Menu Ideas for 17-18th september)

What are you cooking this weekend? We’ll try to mix all our know-how to combine easy but tasty dishes: we begin to travel with a fresh guacamole verrine, followed by a country stuffed veal cutlet. We end our journey with a surprizing Matcha Tea ice cream. Have an excellent weekend!

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Tzatziki and Shrimps Verrine

Inspired by these great chief leaders, success of the verrine comes from the fact that this particular young kitchen, in addition to the pleasure it gives us with each new dollop, responds to increasing demands: healthy eating, freshness and balance.


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Stuffed veal cutlets with Small carrots and Citrus

Stuffed Veal Cutlets with Citrus and small carrots on the menu: this veal cutlets recipe is very easy to do and can be accompanied with a little sauce and rice.

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe - Matcha Tea Ice Cream Dessert - Ice Crea Recipe

Ice Cream Recipe: Matcha Tea Ice Cream

Want some sweetness? I got some for you. With these summer-end temperatures, the ice will remain in the spotlight one more time… but unlike ice cream and fruit sorbets that are better to do with seasonal market products, this one can be done throughout the year.

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