7 Fabulous Ways to Cut Watermelon With Style

how to  cut a watermelonFor most of us, watermelon is one of our favorite summer treats! But knowing the “best” method for cutting a watermelon it is not one easy. I stumbled upon a  super easy illustration of someone via Pinterest cutting a watermelon to get clean and perfect adorable little chunks. So after some research, we’ve put together this quick list of eight easy, practical ways to cut a watermelon to make fabulous food presentations.

1. Sticks

how to cut watermelon

So simple but so cute and handy: watermelon sticks! By Organic Authority.

2. Wedges

watermelon wedge pops

These watermelon pops are a great idea, especially when there are kids around. Via Style Me Pretty.

3. Cubes

diced watermelon

This look easy, but trust me, it isn’t… These perfectly even cubes will make their way to an appetizing summer salad for sure. Via The View From Great Island.

4. Mini Cups

Watermelon Appetizer

My faves! Combine a cookie cutter with a melon baller to create these little cups. Via A Food Centric Life.

5. Balls

watermelon balls

Watermelon balls are very versatile. They fit very well in salads or fruit skewers. Via Veggiebelly.

6. Hearts

watermelon hearts

Show your love to your valentine! A simple heart shaped cookie cutter can help you perk up a cocktail or a dessert. Via Creagirl.

7. Little stars

watermelon stars

Make an impact for your next 4th of july party! Via Trendeseer.

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