Top 5 Aphrodisiac Foods to Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine's Day - Aphrodisiac Foods of Love

To serve a naughty and spicy menu to your love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, find everything you need to know about the power of aphrodisiac foods.

Real power or not, when we believe in aphrodisiacs, we believe! On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, it is high time to takeaction. After discovering the best aphrodisiac spices, what are the main foods that have aphrodisiac properties, and how can these foods help us act on our desire and our erotic potential? The answer’s here.

The top 5 aphrodisiac foods


There’s a good reason not to feel guilty: chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac food. It contains  L-arginine, an amino acid converted by the body to nitric oxide, providing a vasodilator effect (which dilates blood vessels). Chocolate also has the ability to stimulate endorphins, famous hormones of pleasure…


Asparagus in an aphrodisiac because it has the power to stimulate the production of testosterone, a hormone that plays an essential role in health, welfare and more specifically sexual life by acting on the increase of energy and libido.


Rich in iodine and phosphorus, seafood can be considered a very good stimulant of sexual activity. First in mind are oysters, which are very rich in zinc, which has the power to promote testosterone production.


It can be tough to succeed in consuming garlic for Valentine’s dinner! Nevertheless, its exciting virtues also make it an aphrodisiac because it triggers blood circulation.


Nicknamed “lovers bread” by the Persians, caviar has the same invigorating virtues as garlic and thus is an aphrodisiac. The only drawback is that it’s expensive, but it is said that when we love we do not count, isn’t it?

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