5 Unexpected Ways to Eat Melon This Summer

5 Unexpected Ways to Eat Melon This Summer

Melon’s season will come soon, so why not exploring some of the best possibilities to use melon in our summer lunches? Weiher you associate it with sweet or savory accompaniments, melons has a lot to surprise you!

  • The melon’s best allies are certainly Parma ham and red fruits. You can appreciate them on skewers, thrown in a salad or as a duo with watermelon.
  • The sweet-savory associations will please and flatter your palate. For instance, try a salad of cucumber, feta and melon. Add spices, salt, pepper, herbs…
  • In a ravioli salad with cherry tomatoes and arugula, melon brings its fruity notes.
  • Cooked: Try a melon stir-fry, baked in a gratin or clafoutis.
  • Alcohols, muscat type port or Grand Marnier blend well with melon and give it an elegant look and exhilarating style.
  • Iced: finally nothing beats something like a melon sorbet or granita!
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