10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

If small kitchens are usually more efficient workspaces than large ones, the organization and decoration options seem to be more limited than for their larger counterparts. We gathered a small selection of 10 small kitchen design ideas that will keep your cooking space organized, functional and attractive. Take a look!

Small Kitchen Design: 10 Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Larger

1. Pull-out counter

Pull-out counter

This clever pull-out counter serves as a cutting board or to unload temporary storage space. You could even add small wheels to make things go smoother.
Design by Mari Kushino Design

2. Kitchen in a closet!

Kitchen in a closet!

If you have a spare storage closet in a corner of your main room, this is probably where your new kitchen should be!
Design by Mesh Architectures

3. Sliding panels

Sliding panels

The bright red sliding panels conceal the kitchen elements from the dining corner in a flash.
Design by Davide Varetto

4. small kitchen ideas

small kitchen ideas

Tons of light and plenty of greenery make this small kitchen a lively space to cook and dine.
Design by Tiny house Company

5. Keep your small kitchen minimal

Keep your small kitchen minimal

Minimalistic features with a splash of color is a sure bet for a small kitchen design. Not only it's elegant, but also easier to clean!
Design by Studio98

6. small kitchen cabinets

small kitchen cabinets

If you're worried about crowding your counter with appliances and gadgets, these recessed cabinets are a neat solution to store a microwave oven or a coffee maker.
Design by Ayelet Designs

7. Play with contrasts

Play with contrasts

Bold color contrasts and detailed accents such as the floor tiles create a sense of depth that enlarge the space visually.
Cuisines Perene

8. Keep walls free of stuff

Keep walls free of stuff

Use just one wall to store all the kitchen stuff and leave the space above the kitchen sink empty. This gives a sense of calm an neatness to your small kitchen.
Design by koopX

9. small kitchen design

small kitchen design

Design by Bathrooms and Kitchens

10. Multi-compartimented kitchen island

Multi-compartimented kitchen island

The multiple open shelves of this kitchen island serve also as a nice decorating touch.
Design by Thibaut and Thewood

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