Simplehuman Bamboo Dish Rack Review

Simplehuman dish rack - best dish rack drainer kitchen
If you feel frustrated with the poor construction of dish drying racks sold in home goods stores, read carefully what’s going to follow…

Many people living into an apartment with a top-mounted sink (the edges of the sink sit on top of the counter) might have realized that common dish drainer racks are not designed for top-mounted sinks. The water would end up either sitting stagnant in the drainer tray or all over the counter.

After our last post about our dish drainer racks selection, we got some emails from readers who said that lots of sink sits almost 1 inch above the counter so even drainer racks that claimed to be elevated and had legs wouldn’t be high enough to clear the sink.

So we made some more research and went across the SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack, again. Why “again”? Mainly because it was already part of our previous selection, but we felt that this time, this dish rack deserved a more in depth review as the SimpleHuman Bamboo Rack becomes more and more popular. So here we go.

dish rack review - best dish racksThe SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack in short:

This dish rack presents a big bamboo frame that will seat strongly on most countertops, as soon as they are large enough. The dish drying rack supports a lot of dishes and utensils, as well as a knives block and several cup holders. An adjustable water drain will ensure that no water will spill on your countertop, but directly into the sink, whatever if the sink is top-mounted or not, this being an huge feature. The bamboo side handles make it easy to move around. Despite its price which can be seen as a bit “high” the SimpleHuman bamboo dish rack is very popular due to all these features.

You can get a price on Amazon here.

SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack full review:

Bamboo Dish Rack Features:

  • You wash, it will dry: this dishrack have an innovative drainage system that prevents water from flowing into the sink, not onto the countertop.
  • Efficient drainage: this dishrack has a swivel spout and an extendable drip tray so water drains into the sink, not onto the countertop.
  • Cup holders: you can slide the cup holders along the frame to store cups in the most convenient spot.
  • Natural bamboo: the bamboo frame is sealed with a durable waterproof coating.
  • Adjustable tines: flip up the supports to hold small plates, or leave them flat for larger items like pots and pans.
  • The robust bamboo side handles make it easy to move around unlike most of plastic racks.

Simplehuman Bamboo Dish Rack Pros:

The simplehuman Bamboo Frame Dish rack has almost everything one can want in a dish rack.

  • It’s large and spacious and can easily fit lots of plates, pots, and pans.
  • Adjustable cup holders allow you to hang cups on the edge of the dishrack instead of placing them inside. Plus you can pull out a plastic tray so the cups don’t drip onto the counter.
  • A knife and utensil holder that can be positioned on either side of the dishrack. The knife holder is made of bamboo and has slots for different knife sizes. It can also be removed to hold more utensils.
  • The plastic draining spout can be swiveled to be on either of the long sides or on one of the width sides depending on your available counter space.
  • Many of the pieces are dishwasher-safe to help you keep everything clean.

Plus it comes with a 5 year warranty. We like that all of our dishes fit onto one rack and there are absolutely no leaks or drips onto the counter.

SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack Cons:

  • It is not so cheap! But the SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack has some very unique features that make it stand out from all the rest.
  • A small complaint is that it somehow leaks a little by one of the legs for a few number of people.
  • There is a little bar that comes out on the side of each leg and the rubber covers don’t have anyway of accommodating the bar.
  • Only problem some people can find is that this dish rack is very large: buy it’s also why it is useful! Take some measures of your countertop before considering buying.

SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack: The Verdict:

Some can find it a bit expensive — about less than $80 on Amazon. So if you prefer your good old towel to dry out your dishes and pans… you know you should have skipped this review for a long time ago. But it is not cheaply made and has some very unique features that make it stand out. Aesthetically speaking, it brings a woody mood in the kitchen, which is not what we can expect from such a tool!

Functionality is what seems to be most important and it we have a winner there too. The favorite features are the drain system that has one small trail for the water to reach the sink versus a whole rim. Moreover, that system can be turned to accommodate either direction you decide to set the drainer which gives you some more versatility.

The knife holder is a really nice idea not only to save on accidentally cutting yourself, but to keep from banging around your knives and dulling them on other silverware. It is big, but not too big for me. If you have a tiny apartment, this might be a down point, but for people who have a large counter and are usually draining large dishes or even lots of veggies, so this is a positive point.

Read some more customer reviews and get a price of the SimpleHuman Bamboo Dish Rack on Amazon.com here.


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