How to Revamp your Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget in Just 1 Day

Kitchen make overMany of our readers contact us saying they cannot stand their kitchen “with no soul” anymore and they have no idea how to improve it.

For most of people this requires a lot of money to spend on decoration. It’s so tragical that sometimes we are just accepting to cook and eat in a dull room without Asking any more questions.

There are many tips that will help your to offer a new look to your kitchen decor quickly and without breaking the bank. To help you with the management, here are 4 tips for a quick and easy new kitchen in one day!

What you need to get started:

  • 1. Vinyl flooring
  • 2. Painting
  • 3. New doors or cabinets handles,
  • 5. A backsplash kit

Planning your new kitchen decor

Step 1: To change the look of your kitchen, nothing like a good layer of paint! To do this, start by washing the walls and apply a new color. If your kitchen is white, choose a color and if it is colored already, rather go for a light natural hue to really see the difference for once.

Step 2: To change the kitchen cabinets without any additional purchase, we simply attack the cabinets doors — or change the doors handles to give a new style to the cabinets. You can then change the color of your cabinets but also their materials: bartering wood or lacquered effect for instance. The operation is easy to implement and it will take only $30 per door if your go for cheap standard items.

Step 3: Accessorize on the backsplash! To do this, simply attach a wall kit hat is just another bar which allows you to hang a few accessories that will totally dress the surface.

Step 4: To finish your revamping, change the flooring. Since we want it to be inexpensive but also fast to install,  we’ll use adhesive vinyl. You’ll have nothing more to do than removing the protective film and stick your blade coating on an old tile. If you do not want to stick coating, you can also opt for vinyl roll. It will then suffice to place the coating on the surface, make cutouts to fit your room and add a little double-sided tape on the sides.

( Photo: Elmueble)

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