How to Make a Pretty Table Decoration

table decoration - How to Make a Pretty Table Decoration?In this article, you will find tips and tricks to make beautiful table decorations.  It can be classic, modern,original. or sophisticated.  I guess we all assume that the table decoration is the first thing that guests look at on arrival.  According to guests, or the mood of the day, we can set the table with a predominant color, or a main-accent color if we choose a white table-linen.  Decorating a table is almost like decorating a house: It’s about color harmony, contrasts, textures, accessories, and so on.  For a top look, we can provide different styles or moods:

For a classic Table Decoration:

There must be a single sheet of color or white.

Place cutlery and plates.
Put a pretty flower or a candle in the center of the table.

For a modern Table Decoration:

Pretty Table Decoration ideqs

You can opt for slate as sub-bases, or a prairie style center table with greenery along with mini-vegetables (carrots, turnips, etc).

Play with color trends; black and gray can provide a good color base.  Almond green or fuchsia are nice as accent colors.

For an original Table Decoration:

You can use themes such as the ocean.

In the center of the table, place a jar with fishes.

Put towels in blue tones, and using name tags, hang small fish with the names of guests written on them.

For a sophisticated Table Decoration:

We must think about everything

First, cover the table with a pretty slick (often white is the color most chic), well ironed table linen, without creases.

Use cutlery and plates.  Cutlery should be laid in the English or French style, i.e. the knife outside of the plate, the fork placed on the back or on the teeth.

If there are multiple entries or dishes, remember to put the tableware, starting from the outside, to the edge of the plate.

Glasses should be put in order; the water glasses, wine, and champagne glasses.

Heal the center of the table with fresh flowers and candle holders.  Use chandeliers for the best effect.

Remember to put place cards on behalf of the guests.  You can also add a nice touch for

your guests with a small individual box of fine chocolates, applied gently to the side or on the plate.

Finally, prepare a menu that will delight your guests.

What kind of decoration works best for your events?  What color harmony would you choose?  What are your favorite decorating themes for your party tables?

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