Outdoor Dining: Modern Table Lanterns Inspirations

It’s coming, I can tell. That key moment in the year when it you can actually start making outdoor plans for a good dinner, instead of just scrambling to take advantage of a random gorgeous day. To lighten up your evening gathering around the table, and create a warm, friendly atmosphere, a set of table lanterns is the perfect accessory. We’ve made this selection for you, I hope you’ll find something that inspire you!

1. Kerr Votive Lantern via Pigeon Toe: This porcelain cast of a Kerr Mason Jar gives off a lovely glow inside and out when lit. Perfect on your table summer suppers.

2. Mathmos Bump Rechargeable Portable LED Lantern via Amazon: this modern and fun lamp changes intensity and color at the touch of a finger, you can set the mood you want to your evening culinary event.

3. Bamboo Lantern by Frontgate: The framework of airy bamboo diffuses a warm glow to lighten your most intimate parties in your garden.

4. Round rattan lantern, small by Kouboo: This beautiful hand-made rattan lantern is perfect as an addition to intimate table settings or for your embellishing outdoor diner tables.

5. Eva Solo Hurricane Table Lamp via Amazon: this example of simplicity and distinct lines prolongs your summer evenings diners on the patio or adds a touch of atmosphere in the conservatory.

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