Where Do I Store My Dish Sponge? 10 Great Sink Caddies

Sink Caddy image

1. Simplehuman Sink Caddy, Stainless Steel — $16.95

Caddy Sink Tidy picture

2. Joseph Joseph Caddy Sink Tidy — $15.08

Slim Sink Caddy image

3. Simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy, Stainless Steel — $12.99

best Bamboo Sink Caddy

4. Bamboo Sink Caddy — $21.50

Twillo Soap Pump Caddy

5. InterDesign Twillo Soap Pump Caddy, Bronze — $20.99

Saddle Small Sink Caddy

6. Saddle Small Sink Caddy - $7.87

Sink Sider Faucet Caddy

7. Casabella Sink Sider Faucet Caddy — $6.30

Soap Pump and Scrubby Holder photo

8. Umbra Joey Ceramic Soap Pump and Scrubby Holder Combo — $17.98

Versi Scrubby Caddy picture

9. Versi Scrubby Caddy — $18.39


10. Sink Tidy – $10.99

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Caddy Sink Tidy thumbnail
Slim Sink Caddy thumbnail
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Twillo Soap Pump Caddy thumbnail
Saddle Small Sink Caddy thumbnail
Sink Sider Faucet Caddy thumbnail
Soap Pump and Scrubby Holder thumbnail
Versi Scrubby Caddy thumbnail

If you’re fed up with looking everywhere for your sponge when you need it the most, or you can’t find your dish brush when there’s a stock of dirty plates waiting for you in the middle of the sink, you certainly need a sink caddy. Both compact and convenient, this storage utensil allows you to keep your cleaning tools at hand next to your sink. Here’s a selection of sink caddies we found being fun, functional or aesthetic — and not expensive, everything is under $25—.

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